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The Graphic Impressions newsletter.

We don't advertise as much these days. Not so long ago we'd have regular full page ads in homemaker magazines and various newspapers. The ads bought people into the store but colour ads in newspapers and magazines are not cheap.

These days we prefer to rely on word-of-mouth, referrals and return business from loyal clients (and the occasional newsletter or letterbox drop). It costs us a lot less and it costs you a lot less as well because we don't have to cover the advertising costs when we work out our prices. It's that simple.

This year we are concentrating more and more on servicing our existing clients and we'll be sending out newsletters via Australia Post and via e-mail. The newsletters will contain news of shipments, new products and special offers on selected items that will only be available at certain times.

If you wish to be on our mailing list then fill in the form on this page and let us know. This means we won't waste time, money or trees sending you letters that you don't want. On the other hand, if you do subscribe, we'll do our best to make it worthwhile with news and money-saving offers.

Thank you for your continuing business and support.

Melanie Collier for Graphic Impressions



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