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Graphic Impressions Hawthorn Picture Framing and Mirrors
Over Two Metres High
Over Two Metres High
Carefully Chosen Portraits In The Dining Room
Large Custom-Made Archtop Mirror In Raw Plaster Finish

Finding the right pictures to hang on your walls...

Some of the houses in Hawthorn, Camberwell, Mont Albert, Kew and Toorak are really quite large with large walls as well. Finding appropriate paintings to decorate these walls isn't always easy.

However, we may be able to help.

We've helped to decorate quite a few houses over the years, finding oversized mirrors, furniture, prints and paintings to suit the houses (and the lifestyle of the people living there).

Sometimes we're asked to reframe artwork and paintings because the owners have moved to a different style of home and the old frames are no longer suitable.

We'll go to your home, measure the walls, work with you to decide the right look and style then suggest different ways to decorate your walls. Because we've been doing this for so long we know where to find the right images or how to add to your existing collection.

We can also produce large reproductions of paintings onto artist's canvas then frame the canvases into the correct style of frame... tailor made to fit the wall (and the home).

And finally we can arrange to have the mirrors and paintings professionally hung. We've done this for private homes, restaurants, modern city apartments, hotels, offices and hospitals.

Pictured on this page are photos of a very large period house that required some large mirrors and a number of paintings that had to work with the other paintings in the house.

The canvas shown top-left of this page is of the painting Lieutenant Charles LeGrand painted in 1810 by Jean-Antoine Gros. The framed canvas is over two metres high.

Please note: We don't only "do" big, impressive houses. You might just need to find the right mirror for a powder room or just need to find something to fill a space in the hallway... every job is equally important and challenging.

Feel free to talk to us. Drop in on the weekend or make a time and we'll come to see you and together we'll find the "right" solution for your individual space.

Portrait In The Hallway
Detail of Portait In Dining Room
Portrait For The Dining Room
Large Scale Mirrors For Large Scale Rooms
Carved Gold Frames

Graphic Impressions Delivery Van
Xavier Wall Mirror Neo-Classical Mirror
See how the mirror works in
your room with your furniture.
The right mirror looks like it's been
there forever. It sits comfortably.

The best way to choose a mirror.

The best way to choose a mirror for your lounge room is to see a selection in your lounge room (or dining room or hallway). You'll know straightaway which one is right.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Firstly take some photos of your room. You can use a camera or your phone. And measure the width of the mantle or the furniture where the mirror is going to hang.

2. Then come in to store. Look at the range and then we'll choose two or three or four mirrors that just might work.

3. We'll then make a time to take them to your house so you can see them in position. You pay a modest delivery fee (around $50 for the local area).

4. You choose the right mirror for the room. It's that simple.

Please note: If you don't purchase you still have to pay the delivery fee to cover our costs (time and petrol).

Floor Mirrors Made To Order
Custom made
floor mirror
Traditional Mirrors Made To Order
Different styles,
different sizes