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The right mirror: The most useful and under-appreciated decorating tool.

When you're deciding whether to hang a mirror or a piece of art, the choice should always come down to the one that is most aesthetically appealing. But in many cases a mirror just works better. With a beautiful frame and decorative details, a mirror becomes art. Hung on a wall opposite a painting, it reflects the image, giving the painting even more importance. Besides being beautiful, mirrors, with their silvery coloration and reflective powers add a sense of light and space to any room.

Whether they are simple and practical or ornate and decorative, mirrors allow you to see a room, rather than just your reflection, in a completely new way. They are wonderfully neutral, neither traditional nor contemporary and blend well in any interior. They are simply the most elegant, useful and under-appreciated decorating tool. Click on each photo to see the complete range of sizes available.

1270 x 1770

800 x 1100
Sold Out

Gold and Burgundy
1290 x 1800

Art Nouveau
1190 x 1500

Modern Silver
800 x 1100

815 x 1125

St Germain
1100 x 1400

800 x 1415

Modern Mocca
950 x 1205
One Only

690 x 790

990 x 1250

Classic Pewter
815 x 1125

800 x 1110

1240 x 1550
One Only

890 x 1200
Sold Out

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